Liebe Freundinnen und Freude des Lockstoffs,

Am Freitag den 31.01.2014 ( 16.00 –  22.00 Uhr) und am Samstag 01.02.2014 ( 10.00 – 16.00 Uhr ) öffnen die LOCKSTOFFs wieder ihre Türen zum legendären      

                                                            Afterwork / Weekend Shopping.

In unserem Atelier / Showroom kann nach Herzenslust gestöbert und anprobiert werden. Auf tolle LOCKSCHNÄPPCHEN zum Ende der Saison gibt es nochmal %%%, viele verlockende Einzelstücke, begehrte Kollektionsmuster und Entzückendes aus der aktuellen Kollektion !

Nette Menschen, gute Stimmung, viele Verlockungen und für das leibliche Wohl ist auch gesorgt!

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!








  1. Gerry

    In FCC Coleman 2 in central Florida, they have strated to make inmates pay for their own medications, except those medications that would directly threaten the lives of the inmates should they stop (diabetes, heart, etc). If the inmates can’t afford to pay, then too bad. We aren’t just talking about stopping aspirin, or allergy medication, here. Those who are taking meds for major depression, for example, (Buproprion) have been abruptly cut off. They’re trying to save money, at the expense of the inmates’ health. If the prison doctor prescribed the medication to begin with, it was a valid prescription and needs to be continued. As far as I’m concerned, and this should be a concern for everyone who cares, this is a human rights violation. This is a Federal prison. The Federal government took on the responsibility of feeding, clothing and the health care of all Federal prisoners (our taxes at work!), when they incarcerated these people. We elected the men and women to congress who passed the laws that put human beings away for most of their lives, creating the budget shortfalls. Change is long past due. It’s time to change our penal system from one of perpetual punishment, to one of rehabilitation, and turn our inmates into productive citizens, ones who vote, work, and can help pay down the National Debt. To every punishment there must be a beginning and an end; as there are so many ways to earn a prison term in this country, there must be a way for our citizens to earn their way out. Violent offenders must be reclassified to mean those who have actually committed an act of violence against another human being. Drug addiction and mental illness are NOT crimes, and need to be treated. Amen. Has anyone heard of any more Federal prisons (or state) that have cut off meds? I know this isn’t BOP policy.

  2. Alissa

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